Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: "Remind Me Again Why I Married You"

Remind Me Again Why I Married You
By Rita Ciresi
Bantam Dell/Random House Publishers
Copyright 2003
Adult Fiction

A funny title for a funny book. Lisa Strauss thinks she’s a writer, although she must pretend to be a suitable corporate wife for her husband’s business associates. Lisa struggles to come up with interesting writing material since her world consists mainly of cooking, cleaning and other stay-at-home-mom duties. Soon Lisa turns to Eben, her husband of five years, and begins to write detail after thinly-veiled detail and weaves a tale that eventually becomes the book Lisa had always wanted to write.

Lisa wants so much from life, but feels trapped in a moment, a moment where she must be mother, supporting wife, cook, housekeeper and more. Lisa hides in her writings and draws a portrait of her fears with words. She lives and breathes, like any normal woman would, and like many of us, she wants more out of life than what she has.

Ciresi’s writing style is witty and lively. The description of the character’s mundane life made me laugh on numerous occasions. I could easily compare certain moments in the book to things I’ve experienced in my own life, and it made it very easy to relate to the character.

In the end though, Lisa finds happiness in her existence and with her family, and even finds some success with her passion for words.

A good read.

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