Sunday, March 7, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: "Everything I Long For"

Everything I Long For
By Melody Carlson
Copyright 2000
Harvest House Publishers
Adult Fiction

"Everything I Long For" is a slice in the life of Maggie Carpenter who has fled the hustle, bustle and stress of the city for new possibilities in the small town of Pine Mountain. As Maggie makes a world for herself and her son Spencer, a new kink is thrown into the mix when they discover a runaway hiding out in the woods behind their home.

After Maggie uncovers the reason why Leah is in Pine Mountain, she begins a search to help the girl find her real father. Meanwhile, Maggie struggles with juggling the affections of two men in her life, as well as the challenges of being in the sandwich generation (having a son to care for, and an aging parent to care for as well). Maggie's uncertainty about the decisions she makes are very true-to-life. I liked that I could relate to her insecurities and the difficulties she faced with the decisions that were in front of her. Being in a new place and making new friends is hard for anyone, though many would be hesitant to ever admit it. It was easy to place myself in her position and feel what the character was going through.

"Everything I Long For" was a quick and easy feel-good read. If I had one complaint it would be that the author seemed to do a little too much "explaining" about why things were happening. It gave the book almost a little too much of a simplistic feel because of that. But all-in-all, I enjoyed the book and read the entire thing in just a couple hours.

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