Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: "More Than This"

More Than This
By Margo Candela
Copyright 2008
Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Adult Fiction
Spoiler Alert!

Okay. I just have to say it. I loved reading this book. Well, at least up until the last chapter. More Than This is such a wonderfully indulgent, fairy tale read that I really just didn't want to put it down.

Evelyn and Alex have never met. But they keep "almost" meeting. A glance across a crowded train. Watching each other through the windows of their office buildings conveniently located across the street from each other. Odd circumstances and coincidences that keep them apart when they would be oh so perfect for each other! The story gets deeper and deeper and you just get sucked into this world where they both want what they see but can't seem to ever grab it....even though it's right there in front of them. I really enjoyed reading about these two people who have been disappointed by life, struggling to find meaning and purpose. Hilarious moments, especially for the Evelyn character when she takes on a "temp" job at her friend's company, and an ironic career position for Alex; two mothers with bright expectations for their adult children; and many other highly entertaining plot lines and characters.

But.......I'm just gonna say it. They don't EVER meet! Well, at least not in the book (I sort of imagined how it must have gone when I finished reading, but isn't that the author's job?) Yes, that's right. The author's last prosaic effort is the two characters explaining (in turn) what they felt and did in the moment BEFORE they meet. But, of course, as disappointingly disappointing authors always do.....she leaves the best part OUT OF THE STORY!!!!! I turned the page? Nothing. Nothing! So disappointing.

This book would have garnered at least 4 bookmarks if only the author had given me even ONE page of what it was like for these two perfect-for-each-other characters to get together.

Such an utter disappointment (......still worth the read, unfortunately. It really was a good book, so I can't totally dog it.)

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  1. Maybe the author wanted to leave that up to your interpretation. For some reason some authors like to do that. It irks me a lot as well when they do it.