Sunday, November 20, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: "The Shade of My Own Tree"

The Shade of My Own Tree
By Sheila Williams
Copyright 2003
Random House Publishing
Adult Fiction

An abused woman finally finds the courage to walk out on her husband after 15 years of marriage. Opal Sullivan finds that courage and heads out to begin her life anew. Over the course of her journey, she realizes many things.

First, that she will never truly be free of her ex-husband. Second, that she likes living under the shade of her own tree. And third, that life is full of nothing but surprises.

Normally, a book about domestic violence is not something I have on my radar. But I liked the title of the book and immediately "got" the significance of the phrase. And I was pleasantly surprised with the manner that the author handled the subject matter. It was not terribly graphic but got the point across when needed.

I really liked that the author gave the main character the strength to go out there and do the things that she did, including helping other women in abusive relationships. The reader gets a great feel for Opal's struggles and her triumphs in overcoming them.

I really enjoyed this book and would absolutely recommend it! Would make a great book club read.

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