Saturday, July 14, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: House & Home

House & Home
By Kathleen McCleary
Copyright 2008
Hyperion Books
Adult Fiction

Many of you know that in my "other" life, I'm a Realtor.  The reason I'm a Realtor is because I kinda love houses.  Big houses, little houses, old houses, new houses, doesn't matter.  Every house is a little different and little unique and they're all fun to walk through!  But I digress.  The reason for my diatribe on houses is because that explains why I picked up this book in the first place.  House & Home, such a cozy title. 

Sadly though, I was disappointed to learn that this book is actually about a woman who is so obsessed with her house that when she has to sell it (due to divorce), she decides to burn it down.  As you can imagine, this does not end well.

The story itself isn't terribly written.  There are moments that are somewhat interesting and keep you turning the page.  But there are just a few things in here that are so bizarre as to be completely the main character going on a long car ride with the husband of "the enemy" (the woman who is buying the house) just because they're both going the same direction and they want to save the gas or something. 

There's a slight edge of infidelity in a few spots in the book, and a few weird characters that just aren't that believable.  Plus, there weren't very many characters in the book that you get to know enough to actually care about. 

Overall, this was a "meh."

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