Monday, December 21, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: "Growing Up on the Edge of the World"

Growing Up on the Edge of the World
By Phil Callaway
Copyright 1971
Harvest House Publishers
Adult Fiction

Wow. Okay, so I started reading this book and it was kind of a page turner, so I kept turning the pages. Then, when I was fully four chapters into the book, I made a startling realization. I have read this book before! This phenomenon is called "deja lu'", apparently, and is not all that uncommon. The shocking thing, I suppose is that I was fully four chapters in before I remembered that I'd read it before. And worse, I couldn't remember how it ended! So guess what? I had to read it again (it was, after all, still a page turner).

So other than the fact that it was obviously not memorable enough for me to remember it the first time (even though it really does have a unique cover...), it actually was a decent book!

This story revolves around young Terry Anderson and a shocking discover that he makes. Should he keep it? Should he tell someone? Not knowing what to do with his new-found secret, we watch Terry go through all of his options and wonder what choice he will make. The line in the book, "You're not much good until you find out how bad you are," tells you that Terry does make some "wrong" choices through the process. He learns some tough lessons and you wonder what could possibly happen next.
I really liked the way the author portrayed Terry and his siblings. They felt like a real family. I especially loved the scenes where they are staying awake in bed one night while an older brother pretends to host a call-in radio show. Funny stuff.
So even though I did forget I had read the book before, I really do recommend it. It's kind of a mystery, and kind of a "story" story, with a little bit of "coming-of-age" tucked into it as well.

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