Monday, December 21, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: "Possibilities"

By Debra White Smith
Copyright 2006
Harvest House Publishers
Adult Fiction

I think I may have found a new favorite "current" author. Debra White Smith takes the stories of Jane Austen and transforms them into modern times.
In "Possibilities", the author takes the story "Persuasion", and gives it new life. We meet Allie, an heiress to a fortune who falls in love with the gardener, but cannot be with him because of their differences in class. After a traumatic breakup and years gone by, the two are reunited through happenstance, but both are hesitant to go down that path again.

Although, I will admit, I adore the very British tone of a good Jane Austen novel, I will say that I loved how the author took the "meat" of the Jane Austen novel and put it into a modern setting with modern language and modern characters. Nothing like a good love triangle to make a good story great! Smith's Frederick comes on the scene just as heroic and tragic as Jane Austin's Frederick. And Allie is every bit as externally-strong and internally lovelorn as Anne Elliot. The tension in the book was great.

I plan on reading Smith's other Austen-esque novels and will report here as I make my way through them!

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