Saturday, April 28, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: "The Ultimate Gift"

The Ultimate Gift
By Jim Stovall
Copyright 1999
Executive Books
Adult Fiction

This novella with a parable-like theme should definitely be on your Must Read list.  The Ultimate Gift starts out with attorney Theodore J. Hamilton reading the will of billionaire rancher, "Red" Stevens.  Each family member receives their inheritance in turn, until Hamilton reaches the youngest heir, Red's nephew, Jason Stevens.  Jason finds out he must earn his interitance through 12 months of assignments from his deceased uncle.

Jason makes the decision to play along to do what he needs to get his inheritance and is given his first assignment which is given to him in the form of a gift, the Gift of Work.  Jason spends that first month working as a ranch hand for an old friend of his Uncle Red.  Having thus far lived a life of complete luxury, he grudgingly carries out the job that is put in front of him. 

The second month, Jason is given the Gift of Money, where he learns that money is a tool and can be put to very good use.  As each month progresses and Jason collects the gifts that his Uncle Red has given him (the Gift of Friends, the Gift of Laughter and the Gift of a Day, to name a few), Jason starts to see the world through different eyes until he finally earns the Ultimate Gift, which is even more valuable than he could ever have imagined.   

This was a very quick read and really brought to light the things we should all look for in order to have a meaningful life.  I especially liked the chapter on the Gift of Dreams.  What an absolutely wonderful story!  It would be great for a book club or just a nice afternoon read.  Highly recommend.

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