Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: "The Golden Prince"

The Golden Prince
By Rebecca Dean
Copyright 2010
Broadway Paperbacks
Adult Fiction

What happens when a prince who is destined to rule England falls in love with a commoner?  This is a fictional tale about the controversy surrounding Prince Edward in the early 1900s and his refusal to accept the expectations of his position.  Prince Edward (David, as he is known to his family) falls in love with Lily Houghton and tries every possible way to disobey the king's command that he marry a princess.  His father, instead, sends him away and thinks he has put his son far from the tempting situation. 

But the distance only makes David more sure of what he wants.  He decides he will refuse to take the crown and will pass his kingly torch to his brother Albert.  Lily knows that David will make a wonderful king and decides that she, a simple commoner, cannot be the reason for David to give up his birthright. 

The result is unhappiness for all involved parties.  Prince Edward (David), although he is eventually crowned as king, refuses to marry the princess his parents had courted on his behalf. 

I don't care for stories that end sadly, but this one had so much that was based in fact that I truly enjoyed the historical nature of it.  Although we don't know the exact circumstances of this time in Prince Edward's life, we do know that he later on does abdicate the throne to his brother Albert, who becomes a great leader during World War II.  Nice historic touch to this one. 

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