Sunday, March 22, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: "Love and Other Near-Death Experiences"

Love and Other Near-Death Experiences
By Mil Millington
Copyright 2006
Villard Books Publishers
Adult Fiction
1 ½ Bookmarks

Wow. Talk about complete and gratuitous overuse of the F-bomb. Not to say that I never use that word myself, because I have been known on occasion to let it slip, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a book that had such an unnecessary abundance of it!

Love and Other Near-Death Experiences does have an interesting premise. Because of a few random choices he made, the main character, Rob, runs late for a business meeting. By the time he shows up, he finds the building has just exploded and collapsed in on itself, killing everyone inside. So now Rob finds himself in a quandary. Every decision he makes COULD be life or death, whether it be which foot to put into his pants first, if he should use the salt or the pepper (or, heaven forbid!, both!!!), or which pair of underpants he should wear. His fixation on the mundane choices of life is actually pretty amusing, but those darn F*@#’s just keep getting in the way!

Obviously written by a British writer, the book is full of colloquialisms that we always associate with the English. Some of it is funny and some is very cliché.

When Rob meets a few other characters who have also narrowly escaped death, the story takes an interesting turn and we get to see something a little more dark and disturbing—a conspiracy theorist who tells Rob that there’s a group out there who are going to try to kill him because he cheated death. The book then follows the group through a few interesting adventures as they avert death again and again.

While the book itself is light in tone, the F*^#’s are VERY distracting in this book. I’ve never really been bothered by use of language in a book before, but this one really took the cake. If you don’t like adult language, I would definitely NOT recommend this book.

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