Monday, March 9, 2009

POEM: In Memory

Her laugh was contagious;
It rang out like a bell
And you just couldn't help but join in.
Her hugs were like sunshine,
Soft and warm and all-enveloping.
Her love was as overpowering
As the scent of a lilac bush,
Wafting over you in waves of deliciousness.
Her smile was the window to her soul;
She could not hide her happiness when she smiled.
She was simple, and yet amazing.
She was selfless and kind.
She had faith in life and faith in love.
Her talents were many
And she shared them freely.
She was a creator of many "gifts"
And she loved them with all her heart.
We were her world.
Her hands were soft, but strong.
Her advice was well-intentioned and to the point.
Her hair shone like brightly-colored rust.
Her eyes were like pools of melted sky.
She is loved.
She is missed.
But she is not forgotten.

In loving memory of Nancy H.C. Merrill, d. 3/8/1995.

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