Sunday, March 1, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: "Maybe the Moon"

Maybe the Moon
By Armistead Maupin
Copyright 1992
HarperCollins Publishing
Adult Fiction

So I could start this review with the typical synopsis; you know, “This novel is written in the first person by a 31-inch tall dwarf named Cady Roth. The story follows Cady’s struggles as an aspiring actress and entertainer in Hollywood. Her story is documented by the series of journals that Cady keeps and the remarkably entertaining entries that she makes therein. Cady is a lovable character that exudes cynicism and sarcasm, at the same time that she is hopeful and expectant.” Blah, blah, blah. But really, don’t you just want to know if it’s worth your time to read?

So here we go! To be honest, I really liked this book. It was one of those “don’t want to put it down” books. The characters really tore at my heartstrings and I felt their pain. Cady was brash and saucy throughout the book, which is admirable, but especially remarkable for a 31-inch tall woman. Cady’s cadre of friends who help her get through the day are comforting in their communication with her and the ease with which they help her with the mundane needs of a dwarf (i.e., being lifted in and out of cars, putting the phone on the floor where she can reach it, loaning her t-shirts she can belt and make a dress, etc.)

I really felt for Cady. Here she is, a girl who had once played a starring (although anonymous) role as the lovable Mr. Woods in what I would compare to probably an E.T.-like movie where the character is sometimes a robot, sometimes animated and sometimes a little person in costume. And now Cady is trying her darndest to get back into the spotlight. She can sing, she can act, but her agent ignores her and she is getting desperate.

Never once does Cady complain about the cards she was dealt at her birth. She is matter-of-fact about the disappearance of her father and the eventual death of her mother. She gets her rent paid, she keeps a smile on face, and she might even fall in love.

This is a great book to make you smile and feel good about your own life. Give it a try!

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