Sunday, January 29, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: "Pink Slip"

Pink Slip
By Rita Ciresi
Copyright 1999
Delacorte Press
Adult Fiction

I swear this book felt like it was written in the 1980s.  I just looked up the copyright and couldn't believe it's only 13 years old!  The style of the book seemed really old-fashioned.  And it didn't help that some of the mentions in the book (World Trade Center Towers, certain medicines, etc.) seemed so out of touch with today. 

The story begins with Lisa Diodetto deciding she needs a fresh start.  She's tired of her mother trying to marry her off to every eligible bachelor around, and she is very unhappy with her editing job and postage stamp-sized apartment in the city.  So she moves to a smaller town and gets a new job at a pharmaceutical company. 

Lisa doesn't intend to, but ends up in love with her boss (Yes, you are correct.  Uh Oh).  While Lisa is dealing with the secrecy involved in her relationship, she gets some very bad news from her cousin which threatens to end her relationship with the bossman.  Drama ensues. 

Other than the aforementioned oddities related to being able to accurately picture the timeframe of the story, it was a somewhat decent read.  Sort of entertaining, although there wasn't much left up to the imagination.  And, frankly, it just never seemed to really get going for me. 

I really enjoyed one of the author's other books (Remind Me Again Why I Married You, reviewed HERE, which involves the same characters a few years down the road), so it was a bit disappointing that this one seemed so blah.  If you want to meet the characters from the beginning, this is the one to read.  But I do really think this author gets better with age.

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