Sunday, January 15, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: "Menu for Romance"

Menu for Romance
By Kaye Dacus
Copyright 2009
Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Adult Fiction

So I'm a sucker for a good unrequited love story.  This one seemed to have all the makings of a juicy story right up my alley. 

Professional caterer Meredith is secretly in love with her head chef, Major.  Only she doesn't tell him because he's never even hinted that he was interested in letting anyone into his life.  Major has a "problem" mother that he doesn't want anyone to know about so he keeps to himself and doesn't get involved. 

When Meredith decides to try dating someone else so she can move forward with her life, Major realizes what a huge mistake he has made by not telling her that he, too, is in love with her.  But now it's too late.

The author does a great job introducing the characters and getting the reader emotionally involved in the outcome of the story.  The author brings a lot of religion into the story, which isn't usually my favorite thing, but she does it in a tasteful manner that is not overly evangelical.

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a light, quick read.  I loved the John Wayne references and appreciated the fact that there wasn't any gratuitous sex in the book (obviously due to the Christian background of the author).

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